Online Ordering System specifically designed for Restaurants
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Free Online Ordering System built for  restaurants and pizzerias


For Pizzerias & Restaurants

With many great options, our online ordering system is great for your business where you are a one location restaurant or multi locations pizzeria



It comes with incredible design features, menu effects, menu item  such as list or grid for you to use on your site. You can create your own template and import via theme importer.



You can offer pick up or delivery options on your pizza website. To make it more suitable for your business you can setup hours of operations and areas of delivery. You can configure specific ares for delivery by zip code or delivery radius.


SEO Friendly

Our online ordering software was designed with SEO in mind, so it’s easy for customers to find your items online searching on google, yahoo and bing without you having to spend extra time and money



Increase revenue with coupons for specific items, categories by specifying dates and times. Attaching unique coupon code to your promotional email or letter helps you attract more customers and see better results from online ordering.


Credit Card Processing

Make it easy for your customers to purchase online from your website by accepting all major credit cards. Our online ordering is integrated with payment gateway which is one of the best on the market.


Multiple Locations

Our system has an option to add multiple locations for your restaurant and assign separate menus for each location. Each location can have a separate email address, phone number, fax number and timezone.


Safety first

You and your customers are 100% secure when using our online ordering system. Every online transaction is processed through or PayPal Pro to ensure the highest level of security


What lifetime license means?

It means after you purchase our software you own it. We want you to grow and that is the main goal behind the software, we are the only software for restaurants on the market that do not charge you monthly fees, order fees and etc. Once you buy it you can do whatever you want with it, customize, change, add features expect reselling the software or using it for more than a one location, unless you have purchased few licenses.

I already have a domain name. Can I use the same one?

Yes, our system can be installed anywhere. We do not provide hosting and offering webika online ordering system as open source software.

How easy it is to use? Can i change anything by my self?

You don’t need any special knowledge to use our system. It is easy to use and manage. Our system is build with unique interface on the back end, all the changes we have done is based on restaurant owner feedback’s.

Can I use my current payment processor?

Yes, we have integrated payment gateway. works with all major banks and payment processors.

All in one Free online ordering system for Restaurants & Pizza Shops.

Many of our pizzerias and restaurants do more $15000 or more each month. You can start today!

Powerful product management tools let you add detailed product listings with unlimited photos. Highlight all of ingredients and items options by using our simple and intuitive administrative interface.

Our flexible back end menu makes it easy to show all of your menu items in one listing, allowing shoppers to quickly browse through pizzeria menu and make quick and easy purchase.