Online Ordering System specifically designed for Restaurants
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A story behind Online Ordering and how it came to live.

We are computer enthusiasts, programming experts and we love eCommerce. We truly do not understand how the world existed before digital shopping.

From 2006 we have been developing eCommerce stores for different types of business and industries.

We had clients from small shops to big size companies and the greatest part of it that we have been with them from beginning to the launch of the stores.

Many of our clients have succeeded in online world and many felt like it is too much to take on.

This experience enabled us to analyze eCommerce industry and make solutions that are suitable for the specific types of business.

We love restaurants and food. It’s never possible to recreate the dish and the experience you receive in the restaurant.

When you look at most of the restaurant’s websites and online menus to see what is offered, the experience falls short…

Why? Because the regular PDF menus that 99% of restaurants have on their websites downgrade the customers’ expectations for many reasons:

First, in what ERA do we download the menus?

Second, were the pictures? I do not have an idea what Chả Cá Thăng Long  is :) How can I order it? If it has visual representation and looks great on the picture I may just go for it.

Third and foremost, how do I order? Where is the ease of ordering?

There were many more questions spinning in our heads, but these are the most critical ones, and having  night dreams  about ordering online from restaurants websites we came out with Webika online ordering! I wish it would be that easy, but this is just a joke It took years of architecture development, features enhancements, UI testing and much more to create such a powerful solution!

 So Webika online ordering software born from a necessity of online shopping for restaurants customers. And we are very excited to showcase it to you!


Constantine Yaremtso

An eCommerce expert and the most easy-going person there is. Very eager to save the world and help every customer! He has been back end programmer, eCommerce developer and consultant for over 10 years. Knows eCommerce, payment systems and what it takes to create a successful online business from A to Z!


Irene Ricker

Front end developer and a connoisseur of food!

The user interface look and usability for Iryna is the main priorities when it comes to a software development.

She has been a Co-Founder of Webika Design and through the years of web design and development progressed to be very knowledgeable and fun person to interact with.