Online Ordering System specifically designed for Restaurants
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What makes  our online ordering system so special?

Design & User Experience

You can display menu items and offer your customers a great shopping experience.  Our online ordering system is developed with content flexibility in mind. Use there great core features to your advantage.

The default color scheme is light gray, which is a neutral color that fits most websites. However, our online ordering allows you to customize any theme to fit the look and feel of your restaurant. In order to change it, simply login to our online ordering Back End -> Settings -> Theme and choose your preferred design. Mouse over on the theme name to preview. Web Developers can also create custom themes and import them into our system using the “Theme Importer” feature..


Mobile Friendly

Our online ordering is mobile-friendly. On mobile devices, categories and menus are vertically aligned for easy navigation through your pizzeria menu. Users automatically redirected to the mobile version of the website if the server detects a mobile device.

  • 100% responsive on any modern phone or tablet.
  • Looks great to all of your site visitors.
  • No need for extra mobile-plugins.

Works from the moment you activate the online ordering system.

Delivery & Pickup Options

Your food is on the way! You can set the delivery fees, delivery area coverage by zip codes, and minimum order amount in the our administrative panel.

The delivery charge and minimum order amount can be any amount you like. When the customer enters the delivery address, it will be checked against our online ordering delivery area calculator. If the address is out of the delivery range, the page will display an error, that this area code is not supporting delivery service.


Flexible Layout

With webika online ordering you can customize menu layout. In the Back End Settings tab you will find two layout options: tabs and vertical layout.

“Tabs” option creates tabs at the top of the page with published menus. It also lets you choose menu transition style: slide, fade, or scale.

“Vertical Layout” option places all published menus on one page and allows customers to scroll down to view items.

Tips and Taxes

It comes with the option to specify the tax rate required by your state. In order to set the tax percentage, go to the General Settings.

Online ordering will automatically calculate taxes for each order. In the same screen, you can optionally set the minimum order amount. Customers can also add a tips using a set amount or percentage of the total order. Our system will automatically add the chosen amount to the total.


Attractive Menu

As a restaurant owner, you have the option to add as many dishes and menu items as you like! Every menu item can have a description, picture, price, and an associated category. Customers will have the option to zoom in on the pictures and view them up close.

You can also allow your customers to customize items and add side dishes. Both single-choice and multiple-choice attributes can be added to any menu item

Order Management

Webika online ordering provides a feature-rich order management system. For every online order placed through your website, the system will save the customer’s payment type, delivery schedule, address, and other information.

You can then edit, view, and/or print an order at any time


Remember kids, safety first

You and your customers are 100% secure when using our online ordering. Every online transaction is processed through or PayPal Pro to ensure the highest level of security.

All the transaction details and credit card information are saved in your Account or PayPal Pro account. None of the billing details are saved in the back end of our system, which makes each transaction safe and secure.

Customer Management

The system offers a feature-rich customer management tools. When a customer first places an order on your website, they will register in the system. An email confirmation will be sent to them with the login and password details. The customer will then be able to place orders without having to enter the same data twice, since the information will be saved in the system.

As a restaurant owner, you will have an option to view your customer list, reset passwords, view their past and current orders, and analyze order statistics. This will give you an insight into your top sellers and allow you to adjust your menu accordingly


Delivery Time

The system was designed for ease of use for both owners and customers. Customers have several options for delivery time: “ASAP”, “Today”, or a specific date and time. If the customer chooses “Today”, he/she will also have the option to choose the exact time with our custom-made clock. Pizza shops will be able to set both operating and specific menu hours.

Delivery time will be checked against these hours to make sure the food is available

Search Engine Optimization

If your restaurant menu is currently in PDF or Flash formats, it remains invisible to the search engines. Our online ordering for pizza places is built using the latest SEO insights and technologies, and allows you to create search engine friendly menus, effectively boosting your website search engine rank!

With SEO features built right into your menu and items, you can earn higher organic rankings in Google, Bing and other search engines. Our menus are search engine optimized and the text you will be using in item description will be searchable on major search engines. Webika online ordering includes everything you need to rank highly in search engines.

  • Title and header tags
  • Meta descriptions and keywords
  • Search engine friendly menu page URL
  • Image alt tags
  • Search engine friendly links

Discount / Promo codes

You can offer discounts and create coupons with ease! You can set the discount to be a percentage or a fixed amount.

The coupon/discount can be enabled or disabled at any time. In order to create coupons go to Orders->Coupons->Create New Coupon. The promo code can be redeemed by the customer at the time of the order.

Reports and Order Statistics

Interactive dashboard enables you to view order status, method of payments, and amount of revenue for each location. The graphs in the dashboard give you a quick snapshot of the orders for the period of time you set. The yellow line shows the number of orders and the blue line shows total revenue.

The dashboard also shows the most popular items. The popular items tab is located underneath the sales / income graph. The popular items report helps restaurant owners create and adjust effective menus.


Social Media Integration

Increase social media awareness

Our online ordering system includes social network integration features, allowing your customers to spread the word and share the pizza they find on your pizzeria website.

In a single click, your pizzeria customers can share their favorite pizza with friends on Facebook and Twitter

You are just 3 steps away

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