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Frequently Asked Questions

How to install Webika Online Ordering?

1.    Go to our pricing page and fill out the form.  Please enter the exact domain name as where you would like online ordering to be installed. If you are working on testing domain, please enter the testing domain and after the website is finished, we will be able to change the license to new domain name.

2.    After you have purchased our software, you will receive an email with the login to your dashboard. Click on the link and login. In your dashboard you will see a software package that is available for download:  In your dashboard you will also see the license key, which will have to be inserted in the webika online ordering settings tab after the installation.

3.    Download a zip file

4.    Unzip the file and upload the folder content to a destination where you would like to install online ordering (for example www/

5.    Open any browser and go to address where files were uploaded (For

6.    Here you should see the installation wizard and the fields which have to be filled out to install our software. Please fill out all the required fields.

7.    Application Title – the title of the page where you will be able to accept online orders (For Example: Italian Pizzeria Online Ordering Menu).

8.    Database username, Database password, Database name, Database host, Table prefix. Our software requires a database to store orders, items information. In your hosting account go to MySql and create a database and database user. Enter corresponding information in fields for database name, username and password in installation wizard. Database host – usually is a localhost, but if the database is hosted somewhere else, please provide the path to it.

9.    FTP Connection – Please enter the FTP credentials to a server where files are located. FTP credentials are needed to automatically set the permissions for online ordering folders. If you prefer to manually set the permissions, do not fill out these fields and in the installation process it will show you which folders need to have 0777 permissions. In FTP Path field enter the exact path to online ordering files. For Example:  www/

10.    Webika online ordering Administrator. In this section you are able to create admin that will be able to login to online ordering back end and create menus, categories, food items, etc. Please enter desired login name and password.

11.    After all the information is entered, click “Install” button. If everything was entered correctly the installation process will go successfully and you will see front page of webika online ordering with banner and sentence to buy a license. If the installation did not succeed you will see the error messages which will help you to fix the issues.

12.    License. In order for our software to work you will need to enter the license key. It can be found in your account on our website. Login with the username and password (which you can find in the first email when you purchased our software), copy the key and go to your website’s online ordering admin section like so:, enter the admin credentials which were created during the installation. In the Settings->License enter the key and click “Save” button. On the left hand side you will see until what date the license is active. Since it is a monthly subscription, the date will update automatically every month.

You are ready to accept online orders !


Do I have to sign a long-term contract? What can i do with the software?

No. There are no long term contracts of commitments on your part. You simply pay one time fee of $599. If you cancel within 15 days, your will get a full refund and won’t be billed again.

The software is open source which means you can change anything you want and use as per our EULA license agreement. You can not resell the software that is the only thing we ask!

How does my pizzeria receive orders?

You can receive orders via email, fax or direct to printer. If your printer supports Google Cloud Print and many new printers do than it means we can send your order directly to your printer, with no computer needed or software to install. The only thing you will need is to sign up for a google cloud print service.

Any information on Online ordering settings?

After the plugin is installed lets first of all configure all the settings for the restaurant to accept online orders. Go to Online Ordering administrative panel and click ->Settings.

In Pricing you can set up the tax rate for your state. As you know different states have different tax rates on food. Please visit our tax rate table to find the correct rate for your state.

Discount is a great idea to promote online ordering for your restaurant. The discount will apply to the total amount in the cart. It is a percentage, so you can set any number from 0 to 100%. If the discount is 0 it will not show up on the front end.

setting-online-ordering-pizzaDelivery charge

If you would like to have a delivery charge please add it in the delivery field.

Minimum order amount. If you would like for online orders to have minimum amount , just place it in the minimum order amount field.

working-hours-pizzaorderingWorking hours

To make sure the customers order food when the restaurant is open, please set the correct hours for online ordering. You also will have an ability to set up hours for separate menus.

Display settings

display_settingsOur system gives you an ability to sort menu items and menu categories by the recently added, price or name.

Shopping cart has responsive layout, which means that the shopping cart can be placed on the right and left side of the website, as well as outside of the website container on the left and right responsively. Choose the most suitable option for your website.




Please enter correct information of your restaurant location here. This will give you an ability to correctly choose radius of the delivery in zip code settings.

You have two options for delivery verification: by self – which means that the delivery will be only for the addresses with the same zip code as restaurant zip; by list – the delivery radius will be based on the list of allowed zip codes provided on the right hand side. To add new delivery zip code Enter the zip code in “zip code:” field and click “Add” button. You can always choose the delivery verification “by both”, which will enable you to verify the address by the restaurant zip code and the list of zip codes provided in the the list of allowed zip codes.



The theme tab is responsible for the look and feel of the menu. You can choose from the three available options.

The developers can also create their own themes and import it to our system. Please refer to the Theme creation post.

Menu layout. Menu categories on the website can be viewed as tabs or as vertical. By the default the menu layout is set to tabs. Vertical layout enables to place all the categories and items on one page in list.

Tabs transition effects. We have added transition effects to make the menu more interactive and user friendly. Slide effects are: slide, fade, scale.


How to create menus?

The restaurant menu has to be easy to use and organized. Usually the menu means: breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts, but you can organize it in the most convenient way or your restaurant.

To add new menu login to admin panel and click on Menus. Click on Create a menu button. In the General information enter the name of the menu, available hours (from and to) and the description of the menu. Each menu can have an image that will appear below the name. It is not required. If you added the image it will be resized to fit the menu layout and size. For proper resizing please add images that are at least 800px wide and 250 pixels height.  Also every menu can be immediately published on the website, which means that it will be visible to front end users or saved and published later. After you added all the information, save the menu.

menu-creating-pizzaAll created menus will appear in the list. You will see a related data button. When you hover over on the button you will be able to use which categories are applied to each menu.

Our system allows easy sorting of menu. Just grab the menu and drop it anywhere. The idea is exactly the same as Menus sorting – drag and drop.

  • Example of the menu:
  • Menu Name: Dinner
  • Available from: 5p.m.
  • Available to: 10p.m.
  • Description text:  Our dinner menu offers large variety of salads, soups and entries.

How to create categories?

After you created menus navigate to categories tab.

To create new category click on “Create Category” button. In general information enter the name of the category, description text, add an image (it is not required). The image for the category will appear on the left hand side of the category name. The description will appear below the category name.

In order for the category to appear it needs to be associated with the menu. In the associated menu check box the menu that category belongs to. Please note: one category can be associated with multiple menus.

For example: category “Soups” can be associated with lunch and dinner menus.

Each category can be immediately published or saved for a later use. To publish the category click on the radio button published “Yes “and save the category. If you making changes to already existing category you can simply click “Apply Changes” button.

The categories cannot be sort as drag and drop. To sort the categories go to Settings->General->Sort by.

Example of the category:

  • Name: Soups
  • Description text: Soups can be ordered as a bowl or a cup. Each soup comes with two pieces of garlic bread.

How to insert a menu to a page?

After you have finished creating menus in online ordering administrative panel, you can insert it easily by using a shortcode [wpmm]

wpmmThe shortcode will pull the entire list of menus with the tabs to navigate. If you would like to pull only one menu , you can do so by using the same shortcode with an id of the menu. Here is an example: . This way online ordering will show only one menu. The shopping cart will also appear on the left of right side as you have aligned in your settings.

This way you can create “Specials” menu and insert it to a home page for marketing purposes.

If you have any questions on shortcode insertion , please post it here or contact us via email or phone

How to receive orders via Fax?

Webika online ordering allows you to accept orders via fax. We have integrated Faxage system. It is third party faxing software which allows to send and accept faxes.

faxage-logoIn order to receive food orders through fax please go to and sign up . You can start with their individual lite fax plan for as low as $3.49/month. Some of the features:

  • Choose a local or toll-free number
  • pay only for what you actually use at 5 cents a minute

If you need receive faxes often , you can sign up for Faxage Business plans, that are designed for moderate to heavy fax use. Generally, if you fax 600-2000 minutes per month, a Business plan will be the best deal for you.
faxage-wpmenumakerTo view all available plans please visit
After you sign up with them you can use provided credential and insert it to online ordering back end fax tab.

Login to your administrative back end and navigate to Menu Maker->Settings. Here you will need to insert your credentials to “Faxage faxing system” box. Save your changes and you are all done!

USA tax rates

State State Rate Range of Local Rates Local Rates Apply To Use Tax
Alabama 4.000% 0% – 8% Yes/No (1)
Alaska 0.000% 0% – 7.5% (4), (7) Yes/No (1)
Arizona 6.600% 0 – 7.10% (4), (7) Yes/No (2)
Arkansas 6.000% 0% – 5.50% (4), (7) Yes
California 7.500% (11) 0% – 2.5% (11) Yes
Colorado 2.900% 0% – 7% (7) Yes/No (1)
Connecticut 6.350% (8) 0% N/A
Delaware 0.000% (3) 0% N/A
District of Columbia 6.000% 0% N/A
Florida 6.000% (8) 0% – 1.50% (4), (7) Yes
Georgia 4.000% (8) 1% – 4% Yes
Hawaii 4.000% (5), (8) 0% – 0.5% N/A
Idaho 6.000% 0% – 3% (7) No
Illinois 6.250% (8) 0% – 4.25% (7) No
Indiana 7.000% 0% N/A
Iowa 6.000% 0% – 2% (7) No
Kansas 6.300% (8) 0% – 5% (7) Yes
Kentucky 6.000% 0% N/A
Louisiana 4.000% (8) 0% – 6.75% (6) (7) Yes
Maine 5.000% (8) 0% N/A
Maryland 6.000% 0% N/A
Massachusetts 6.250% 0% N/A
Michigan 6.000% (8) 0% N/A
Minnesota 6.875% (8) 0% – 1% (7) Yes
Mississippi 7.000% (8) 0% – .25% (7) No
Missouri 4.225% .5% – 6.625% Yes/No (1)
Montana 0.000% 0% N/A
Nebraska 5.50% 0% – 2% (7) Yes
Nevada 6.85% (10) 0% – 1.25% Yes
New Hampshire 0.000% 0% N/A
New Jersey 7.000% 0% N/A
New Mexico 5.125% .125% – 6.625% No
New York 4.00% 0% – 5% Yes
North Carolina 4.750% (8) 2% – 3% Yes
North Dakota 5.000% (8) 0% – 3% (4), (7) Yes
Ohio 5.500% 0 – 2.25% Yes
Oklahoma 4.500% 0% – 6.35% (7) Yes/No (1)
Oregon 0.000% 0% N/A
Pennsylvania 6.000% 0% – 2% (7) No
Rhode Island 7.000% 0% N/A
South Carolina 6.000% (8) 0% – 3% (7) Yes
South Dakota 4.000% (8), (9) 0% – 2% (7) Yes
Tennessee 7.000% (8) 1.5% – 2.75% (4) Yes
Texas 6.250% 0% – 2% (7) Yes
Utah 4.700% (8) 1% – 6.25% Yes
Vermont 6.000% (8) 0% – 1% (7) No
Virginia 4.000% (8) 1% – 1.5% Yes
Washington 6.500% .5% – 3% Yes
West Virginia 6.000% 0% – 1% Yes
Wisconsin 5.000% 0% – 1.5% (7) Yes/No (1)
Wyoming 4.000% (8) 0% – 4% (7) Yes

How to connect Payment Gateway?

In order to process credit card payment you will need to use payment gateway. If you already have , please enter your transaction  key in the field  and save. Transaction key is your payment gateway API Id that allows third party software such as our online ordering system to accept payments and post them to your account.

If you prefer to accept only cash payment for your order you do not need to use If you leave the payment key empty, payment with card will disappear from the front end, and the customers will only have the option to pay with cash.

Please follow the instruction to obtain your transaction key.

To create an API Login ID or Transaction Key for the first time:

Step 1: Type in your Secret Answer. You should have configured a Secret Question and Secret Answer during account activation.

Step 2: Click Submit to continue or click Cancel to cancel the action. The API Login ID and Transaction Key generated for your payment gateway account appear.

Once you have initially created your API Login ID, you may not change it in the Merchant Interface. To change your API Login ID, please contact Customer Support.

IMPORTANT: The API Login ID is different than your user login ID. Your user login ID allows you to log into your Merchant Interface user account. The API Login ID grants a merchant access to submit transactions to the payment gateway.

You may obtain a new, unique Transaction Key on this page as often as needed.

To obtain a new transaction key:

Step 1: Enter your Secret Answer (the answer to your Secret Question configured at account setup).

Step 2: To disable the old transaction key, click the check box labeled  Disable Old Transaction Key.

Note: If the Disable Old Transaction Key check box is not selected, the old transaction key will automatically expire in 24 hours.

Step 3: Click Submit to continue or click Cancel to cancel the action. Your new transaction key is displayed

If you do not have account, please follow the link to sign up with them or contact sales at: 1.888.323.4289.